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What is the AHAM PAC?

The AHAM PAC is the political action committee for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Political Action Committees make contributions to and expenditures on behalf of federal candidates and other leadership committees.

Where does my AHAM PAC contribution go?

Since 1996, the AHAM PAC has been helping to elect candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. One hundred percent of your voluntary contribution is used to support both Democratic and Republican candidates who understand and can help elevate the concerns of the home appliance industry. The AHAM PAC identifies and contributes to federal candidates who support policies which allow the appliance industry to be more competitive.

Why should I contribute?

Voting, visiting with elected officials, and writing letters are part of political activism. Contributing to the AHAM PAC is one more avenue for political activism. By pooling our resources together throughout the appliance industry, we can be more effective in reaching our elected officials. AHAM PAC supporters help shape the political environment, so their industry can grow and prosper. Our contributions serve as a reminder to lawmakers that the home appliance industry is both a politically aware and actively involved constituency in American politics. When you participate in the AHAM PAC, you become an active and responsible member in the political process.

How do I contribute?

Because AHAM is a trade association, the Federal Elections Commission requires AHAM to obtain authorization from its association-member companies prior to soliciting the officers, senior employees, and their family members for contributions to AHAM PAC. Hourly employees are specifically exempt from solicitation for PAC contributions. Under federal law, only U.S. citizens and permanent green card holders may participate.

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