BIPAC Membership

What does it mean to be a member?

BIPAC’s passion and dedication to increasing the political effectiveness of America’s private sector employers is at the heart of everything we do. Companies and associations of all sizes, including a majority of the Fortune 100®, utilize our all-encompassing suite of services, tools, analysis and network to achieve their public and political policy goals.

BIPAC’s Member Services team will help power your employer-to-employee outreach efforts to new heights. By providing individualized, customized approaches and solutions, we can help meet your unique needs while making you part of a national effort to support economic growth and jobs.

BIPAC helps you achieve your public policy and political goals through five areas of focused activities:

  • Grassroots Services- Grassroots is the foundation of the BIPAC network. It promotes good government by helping employers and their stakeholders learn about the people and policies that impact their jobs and industries. It also provides the grassroots tools and strategies they can use to shape political and policy outcomes.
  • PAC Services- BIPAC provides tools and services to help build, grow, and sustain strong PAC programs. We help achieve your PAC’s goals with comprehensive offerings that include strategic guidance, solicitation and communication materials, and web-based tools, including online enrollment, database management, design services, and benchmarking.
  • Political Analysis- BIPAC provides cutting-edge data and information to help government affairs professionals understand the political landscape. The reputation of BIPAC's expert analysis and insightful commentary makes the organization a respected resource for the media, as well as our members. Election Insights, delivered every Wednesday morning to your inbox, is one of several frequent publications compiled by our staff to keep you informed on the political landscape across the country. Members also have access to online databases filled with up-to-the-minute information on candidates nationwide, whether they are incumbents or challengers.
  • The P2® National Network- With partners in more than 40 states, the P2® National Network provides a direct pipeline to audiences at the state and local levels to implement grassroots activities, voter education, political campaigns, and social media/digital strategy. It helps members to build connections with state business community leaders and organizations.
  • Political Affairs- BIPAC cooperates with its members and partners throughout the national network to develop and deploy new, cost-effective, and impactful ways to educate and motivate voters on economic and job-related issues.