The Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) was founded in 1963 as “an independent, nonpartisan group to serve as a political action arm for American business and industry.” It is known as the very first business political action committee (PAC).

While BIPAC may have started as the first business PAC, today BIPAC is the premier clearing house for tools, strategies and political intelligence, committed to increasing the political effectiveness of America’s job providers.

Through a long and illustrious history of political involvement and innovation, in regards to the business political community, BIPAC has become the candidate endorsement gold standard. BIPAC is the architect behind the first digital register and vote tool “EZVOTE,” and has been the national leader in positioning employer to employee communication throughout the American business community. BIPAC also developed the nation’s first and largest state grassroots network, and made headlines in both 2010 and 2012 as one of the pioneering groups to lead the transition into digital campaign strategy.

BIPAC through the years (1963 - 2013)...

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