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BIPAC provides numerous opportunities for grassroots and political engagement for companies, trade associations, state business organizations, and individuals throughout the business community.

We strive to provide the greatest value for your investment, to raise your programming to new levels, and to provide connections and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Join us in our mission to help power business political success!

Contact Melissa Craig at or (202) 776-7477.


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We have a range of membership packages to fit your needs and budget. Please contact our Membership Services department to discuss how we can best help you reach your political goals!

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BIPAC's mission is enabled through the investment of members and like-minded organizations that seek new ways to impact public policy and political debate in our nation. This lofty and laudable goal requires funding to undertake activities directly related to helping employers and business impact the political debate.

The Prosperity Fund (PFund) provides an avenue for corporate political and civic engagement that provides unparalleled return on investment. The PFund is made up of entities dedicated to the mission of increasing the political effectiveness of America’s private sector job providers. This elite group of individuals not only provides the means to fund our custom state-based political affairs strategy, but also acts as the engine behind the country's largest state-by-state business grassroots network.

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With a growing list of state and local deployment partners across the U.S., the P2® State Network provides a direct pipeline to audiences at the state and local levels to implement grassroots activities, voter education, political campaigns, and social media/digital strategy, while helping to build connections with state business community leaders and organizations.

BIPAC provides technology, tools, content, resources and live support to state business organizations, from a dedicated team working in the states to develop cooperative programming. Your state business organization can be part of our national network.

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BIPAC's strength is the quality and diversity of its volunteer leadership. Knowledgeable individuals from the top ranks of businesses and associations both in the nation's capital and around the nation come together through BIPAC to help make a difference for their companies, organizations, industries and country.

We provide several avenues of involvement, from our Board of Directors, to our P2® Steering Committee. Your voice can help make our efforts on behalf of business even stronger.


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