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BIPAC stands on five decades of experience and success as a thought-leader, innovator and engine of advocacy for the business community. With partners and members spanning all 50 states, and more than 300 national associations and companies from every industry sector, BIPAC helps employers small and large play a more active role in the public policy-making process, reaching employers and employees nation-wide.

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BIPAC Market Research Report and ROI

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2013-2014 Elections

2014 BIPAC Marketing Report        2014 BIPAC ROI

2011-2012 Elections

2012 BIPAC Market Research Report        2012 BIPAC ROI

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Election Insights, delivered every Wednesday morning to your inbox, is one of several frequent publications compiled by our staff to keep you informed on the political landscape across the country. Members also have access to online databases filled with up-to-the-minute information on candidates nationwide, whether they are incumbents or challengers.