Meet Our President and CEO

A Letter from BIPAC President and CEO Gregory S. Casey

Gregory S. Casey

For more than 50 years, BIPAC has worked to power business political success. By providing the best available tools, technology and teachings to our members, partners and program participants, we’ve reached thousands of businesses and millions of individuals with positive messages about economic growth, competitiveness, and jobs.

BIPAC recognizes that the purpose of political activity is to shape favorable policy outcomes, at the local, state and national levels. This enlightened approach is what distinguishes BIPAC in an age when partisan politics still dominate the mindset of many, and when strategies have not caught up with the opportunities of the digital age or the growing public demand for action and engagement.

BIPAC’s constituency – both employers and the employees they represent – demand more from their elected officials, and from the tools and programs they use. It is our purpose to provide the best service, the best technology, and the best insights to achieve those goals.

Although our name still suggests our proud beginnings as the nation’s first business political action committee, BIPAC has become much more. Today, we are the premier resource for business entities who want to maximize their credibility and effectiveness in public policy and politics. We are an agent of change in the arena of political engagement.

I invite you to join BIPAC in our continuing efforts to carry the message of Free Enterprise and Democracy to the very individuals who have the most at stake in those principles – the millions of employees and voters who the business community touches every day.

Whether you wish to become a member of BIPAC for our services, tools and programs, are looking for a better return on your political investment via BIPAC’s Prosperity Fund, or wish to personally make a difference by serving as a leader in our efforts, we welcome you to the fight. Together, we can make a difference, and save our Republic!


Gregory S. Casey
Gregory S. Casey
President & CEO