Our Work

BIPAC services, strategies, tools and technologies power the grassroots and political activities of a wide cross-section of American employers, industry trade associations, issue coalitions, business organizations, and political action committees.


BIPAC is the leader in employer-to-employee communication tools and strategies. No matter the size of your company or your audience, BIPAC has the right solution. We can help you leverage your most valuable asset – your employees – to impact public policy, to improve your PAC’s performance, or to turn out more economic-minded voters to the polls.

Explore these examples of actual company websites created by BIPAC for member companies to educate their employees about government relations issues and motivate them to take action.



Trade Associations

Industry trade associations at the national, regional, state and local levels are an integral part of the BIPAC network. BIPAC can help your association by creating customized tools, messages, and resources to provide more value to your members. We can also provide more muscle by sharing and promoting your issues and content with other users. Our ease of use and high level of service will make the creation of new and improved programming both worthwhile and sustainable.

These examples of trade association website tools help illustrate the possibilities that BIPAC can provide your association.



State Business Organizations

BIPAC partners with state business organizations around the country, including Chambers of Commerce, Manufacturing Associations, and Business Roundtables. Together, we create unique programs with a focus on the issues, legislation, and elections affecting each state. These serve as hubs for the Prosperity Project® and provide employers and groups of all sizes a way to engage, as well as a platform for educating and motivating employee-voters in general. Information published by state P2® programs is also shared freely with companies and associations.

There are many examples of how state business groups implement their P2® tools effectively. This example demonstrates some of the latest trends.



Diversity Outreach: Latino/Hispanic Programs

BIPAC is a leader in reaching out to new audiences that will be critical to the future of business grassroots and political success. Our model is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Working with indigenous business organizations in each community, we create entry points for engagement that will serve populations who are persuadable and value free enterprise.

BIPAC’s newly-developed diversity outreach is evidenced in this example.




Voter Involvement

BIPAC and the Prosperity Project® believe that when employee-voters are informed with accurate information, provided tools to engage in the political process, and motivated to take action, our economy and our country will benefit. The way the world communicates has changed, and with it, the way you engage your key audiences must evolve as well. BIPAC will help you reach your core constituencies – and reach new ones – while keeping their attention in an era with so much competition in information.

Creativity and focus are critical to effective voter involvement. BIPAC is constantly providing the best practices, themes, and imagery to create the energy and emotion that will make your efforts successful.