P2® State Deployment Partner Network


At BIPAC, we believe that in order to affect political and policy outcomes, we need to look beyond the Washington Beltway. That is why, in 2001, BIPAC began forming partnerships with leading state business associations and state chambers of commerce across the nation.

With the Prosperity Project® (P2®) providing technology and resources to promote free-enterprise, BIPAC's Field Operations has extended the reach and relevance of employer-to-employee grassroots advocacy to businesses with single-state or regional operations.


P2® programs managed by BIPAC's State Deployment Partners (SDPs) around the country serve as a pipeline to audiences at the state and local level. SDPs advance BIPAC’s mission by agreeing to engage with their members and the state/local business community in the following ways:

  • Building connections between companies/associations and state business community leaders and organizations
  • Providing access to content and activities created by state P2 partners
  • Coordination of meetings and events with grassroots/political components
  • Assistance in development of state-specific materials
  • Facilitating political programming at the state and local level
  • Recruitment of additional P2 participants and leadership to power the business community's continued efforts for successful activity

State Deployment Partner initiatives are diverse in nature and use innovative techniques to impact public policy and encourage voter turnout. Our efforts never tell employees who to vote for, instead we arm private sector voters with the information they need to know before casting their ballot.

We look forward to helping build connections for your grassroots and political activity at the state level. To discuss deployment partner entities or to learn about activities in specific states, please feel free to contact Terri Bogert at bogert@bipac.org.