Political Affairs

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Our Approach

BIPAC provides the actionable intelligence, strategy, and creative direction so our members and partners can deploy cutting-edge campaigns designed to meet state and national goals that support the overall national mission of educating employee voters. Through this process, BIPAC’s network acts as a laboratory to test new tools, strategies, and technologies. We share the lessons learned with our membership and leave behind a lasting infrastructure to help our partners continue to achieve their political and public policy goals.

Our political team monitors election-related developments at both the federal and state levels, and are the go-to resource when it comes to making sense of how the changing political landscape impacts the American business community.

BIPAC offers insightful commentary and analysis that is read by business leaders and professionals in companies and associations around the nation - and shared with the employees and members of those organizations as well.

BIPAC also cooperates with its partners throughout the national network to develop and deploy new, cost-effective, and impactful ways to educate and motivate voters on economic and job-related issues.

The Political Affairs team will work with your company, association, or state business organization to help develop strategies and methods that will achieve your political goals.

For more information on BIPAC's Political Affairs programming, contact: Andrew Blascovich

Action Fund

BIPAC's Action Fund is a non-connected political action committee that provides support to pro-prosperity elected officials and candidates, a widely-recognized indicator used by others to determine their support. Each election cycle, BIPAC interviews and vets candidates for federal office who are seeking support and endorsements from the business community.

For more information on BIPAC’s Action Fund, contact: Andrew Blascovich

Prosperity Fund

BIPAC's Prosperity Fund provides an avenue for corporate political and civic engagement that provides unparalleled return on investment. The PFund is made up of leading members of the business community, stakeholders, and partners in the states dedicated to the mission of increasing the political effectiveness of America’s private sector job providers. This elite group of individuals not only provides the means to fund our custom state-based political affairs strategy, but also acts as the engine behind the country's largest business grassroots network.

For more information on The Prosperity Fund, contact: Melissa Craig