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BIPAC offers top notch speakers available to present on an array of topics for your executive and board meetings, PAC meetings and conferences. These seasoned experts, many of whom are recognized as the top leaders in their field, offer entertaining insights into business' influence in the American political system, elections, political trends and strategies, grassroots advocacy, PACs, and communications technology.

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Jim Gerlach, President and CEO
Melissa Craig, Vice President, Advocacy
Jason Langsner, Vice President, Enterprise Services
Jim Ellis, Political Analyst

Jim Gerlach

Biography: Former U.S. Congressman Jim Gerlach (R-PA) serves as the president and chief executive officer of the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC).

He joins BIPAC from an extensive career in public service and the private sector. Rep. Gerlach served Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District for 12 years where he most recently served on the House Ways and Means Committee and the Subcommittee on Health and Select Revenue. He was considered by many to be the lead Republican on the Ways and Means Manufacturing Working Group. Throughout his tenure in the House, Rep. Gerlach also served on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Financial Services Committee, and the Small Business Committee before his retirement from Congress in 2014.

Prior to his tenure with the U.S. Congress, Rep. Gerlach also served four years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and eight years in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Topics of Interest

  • Candidate Advocacy

    Explore the decades-old tried and true methods as well as new tactics to assure your chosen candidates are elected. A fully funded candidate is at the heart of every successful election strategy, but victory is dependent on much more.
    Target Audience: Senior PAC leadership; association boards of directors
  • What Motivates Candidates to Take Particular Actions?

    Candidates and Elected Officials are motivated by a wide variety of things, but the root of all of them, usually, is staying in office. How do they ensure they get 50% plus 1 of the votes cast? Money, favors, votes, ideology – each of these figure into the decision making process to support or oppose a policy. When you understand how a candidate or elected official thinks, you can respond with tools that help shape that decision in your business’ favor.
    Target Audience: Corporate or Association Leadership, Government Affairs professionals, Grassroots leadership

> Read Jim Gerlach's full biography.

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Melissa Craig

Biography: Melissa joined BIPAC (Business-Industry Political Action Committee) in 2011 as their Director of PAC Services, where her responsibilities included advising BIPAC members on all PAC-related activity such as fundraising, structure, compliance and communications; providing members with resources and guidance to help them strengthen their PAC program; and assisting members in determining strategy to reach their PAC goals. She was promoted to the position of Vice President, Advocacy in February 2014 where she now oversees BIPAC’s PAC and grassroots service offerings.

Topics of Interest

  • Benefits of BIPAC Membership

    Learn how your company or association can use the tools and services available to members of BIPAC to assist with your political involvement programs including political analysis, PAC resources and grassroots tools and strategies provided by the Prosperity Project.
    Target Audience: Senior managers and executives, Government Affairs staff, Association management
  • Using Grassroots Communications to Build Your Membership

    The Prosperity Project network and grassroots tools allow associations to easily and effectively engage their member companies for political involvement. See how your organization can provide benefits to members by saving them time and resources while giving them the means to educate their employees on important industry issues and political activities.
    Target Audience: Association executives and managers
  • Prosperity Project Theories and Practices

    Thousands of companies and associations use the Prosperity Project. Learn how the best of the best develop their plans and deploy the tools as BIPAC's experts explain and demonstrate the tools and tactics for building robust and effective political involvement programs, and reveal ideas for keeping your PAC and grassroots programs on the cutting edge.
    Target Audience: Senior state association and company managers, executives and officers
  • Implementation of BIPAC PAC and Grassroots Web Tools as Part of a Political Involvement Program

    You’ve developed your strategy, identified your audience, and set your benchmarks for success. Now, just how do you push the button and get it done?
    Target Audience: Senior national association and company managers and executives
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Jason Langsner

Biography: As vice president of the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC), Jason Langsner drives the technology and communications strategy for the enterprise. Langsner is a recognized and published expert in new and social media strategy. Prior to joining BIPAC he ran the digital strategy for an international humanitarian organization that had assets and programming in 50 countries. Before joining that organization, he was the vice president of marketing for America's largest technology trade association.

Topics of Interest

  • Multi-channel Communications Strategy

    An email can get caught in a SPAM folder or accidently deleted. But a holistic comms plan that utilizes multiple channels can help you cut through the inbox clutter. Don't let your story and ask get lost in your employees, partners, associates, and customers inboxes.
    Target Audience: National association conferences, senior managers and executives
  • Using Technology to Further Your Issue Agenda

    Technology is more than Tweets and Yammers – it is an important tool in your political operation arsenal.  But relying on technology without a sound strategy will only cost you money and opportunity.
    Target Audience: Senior managers and executives
  • What is Social and New Media?

    How do you leverage online communities - private and public - to generate interest and action in your policy, political, or election campaigns?
    Target Audience: Senior PAC and grassroots managers, Government Affairs office heads
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Jim Ellis

Biography: BIPAC Political Analyst Jim Ellis is a 35-year veteran of politics at the state and national levels. Jim began his career with the San Diego County Republican Party, and then served as an original staff member for then-Congressman Bill Lowery (R-CA). He specialized in corporate grass roots lobbying, campaign management and coalition building as President of the Ramhurst Corporation of North Carolina and as a manager of the Public Issues Department of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem, NC.

Topics of Interest

  • U.S. Elections: Race by Race Analysis

    If you want to know what is going on from Alabama to Wyoming or just a series of contests of interest to your audience, this fast paced rundown of the campaign landscape will lead to lively discussions of the races that change the course of the cycle.
    Target Audience: Public affairs professionals, PAC managers, association executives, corporate and facility managers, regional and state lobbyists

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