Kelly Johnston, vice president of government affairs for the Campbell Soup Company

Juan Pablo Segura, president and founder of 1EQ

David Ashinoff, director of PAC and political advocacy at AGC of America

"In the face of rapidly moving onerous state legislation which would have cost our customers and our company, we turned to BIPAC to quickly inform and activate our employees and agents. BIPAC's innovation and rapid response at all hours helped us precisely target phone calls to key state legislators and we prevailed, not in a matter of days but overnight. We have done this repeatedly in 2013, with wins in every Call To Action but one, and we won that one in a subsequent CTA. BIPAC is a main ingredient in our legislative tool kit."

Mark Royer, CPCU, GCA
Director of Political Action
Government and Industry Affairs
Farmers Group, Inc.


"You should know that oil tax reform passed the legislature over the weekend! House vote was 24-15 and Senate concurrence vote was 12-8. The bill is not perfect, not everything that industry wanted, but is a massive improvement over the status quo. Industry is pretty pleased.

This victory is huge -- the culmination of three years of effort. Even more exciting is that the Prosperity tools were a central part of the effort. Our major “sister” organizations all directed their members to the Prosperity letter writing engine. The multiple emails that went out from Chambers of Commerce, RDC, Alliance, etc., and even major private employers linked directly to the ProsperityAlaska site. As a result, over 12,400 letters to legislators were generated on the oil tax issue alone. In this state, that is a LOT!"

Scott Hawkins, President & CEO of
Advanced Supply Chain Integrators,
Member of the BIPAC Board of
Directors and Chairman of the Prosperity Alaska state affiliate