Membership in the Colorado Petroleum Association brings recognition as a leader in the oil and gas community.  Participation in Association activities strengthens our industry’s influence in shaping public policy.  Other membership benefits include:


Governmental Affairs Program
All levels of government can dramatically affect the operations of an oil and gas company.  CPA members collectively receive excellent representation before the Colorado General Assembly, state, federal, and local governments.  CPA is well known by officials from all levels of government who communicate with the industry through CPA on a frequent basis.  Members of CPA have a full-time lobbyist working issues and protecting their interests year round, not just during the legislative sessions.

CPA provides members with the latest information about legislative and regulatory affairs in a timely and efficient manner through the use electronic communication technologies.  The Monday Letter is sent weekly during Colorado’s legislative session and periodically throughout the rest of the year. Other publications include detailed legislative reports that are provided every other week during the legislative session, fact sheets, status reports, and position papers providing concise information on breaking industry issues are also prepared and distributed to members.

Compliance Strategy
CPA provides up-to-date information on new rules and regulations by conducting compliance briefings/seminars addressing the myriad of issues facing its membership.

CPA is responsive to members’ inquiries into Association activities and issues.  As policy experts, CPA is well equipped to assist members in finding answers to questions or problems a company might face.

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