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Daily Digest - Friday, April 29, 2016
Friday, April 29, 2016
Daily Digest

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Chamber Action
The Senate was not in session and stands adjourned until 2 p.m., on Monday, May 2, 2016.
Committee Meetings
No committee meetings were held.
House of Representatives
Chamber Action

Public Bills and Resolutions Introduced: 42 public bills; H.R. 5122-5163; and 6 resolutions, H. Res. 712-717 were introduced.
Pages H2148-50

Additional Cosponsors:
Pages H2151-52

Reports Filed: There were no reports filed today.

Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Reauthorization Act: The House passed H.R. 4901, to reauthorize the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Act, by a recorded vote of 224 ayes to 181 noes, Roll No. 179.
Pages H2115-28
Rejected the Ted Lieu (CA) motion to recommit to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform with instructions to report the same back to the House forthwith with an amendment, by a yea-and-nay vote of 167 yeas to 228 nays, Roll No. 178.
Pages H2126-27
H. Res. 706, the rule providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 4901) and the joint resolution (H.J. Res. 88) was agreed to yesterday, April 28th.

Meeting Hour: Agreed by unanimous consent that when the House adjourns today, it adjourn to meet at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3rd.
Page H2128

United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission--Appointment: The Chair announced the Speaker's appointment of the following individual on the part of the House to the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission for a term expiring on December 3, 2017: Mr. Daniel M. Slane of Ohio.
Page H2132

Board of Visitors Resignation: Read a letter from Representative Israel wherein he resigned from the Board of Visitors to the United States Military Academy.
Page H2146

Senate Message: Message received from the Senate today appears on page H2136.

Senate Referrals: S. 1875 was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. S. 2845 was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on the Judiciary. S. 1635 was held at the desk.
Pages H2146-47

Quorum Calls--Votes: One yea-and-nay vote and one recorded vote developed during the proceedings of today and appear on pages H2127, H2127-28. There were no quorum calls.

Adjournment: The House met at 9 a.m. and adjourned at 1:27 p.m.

Program for Tuesday: House will meet in Pro Forma session at 3 p.m.
Committee Meetings


Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on Energy and Power held a hearing on H.R. 4979, the ``Advanced Nuclear Technology Development Act of 2016'' and the ``Nuclear Utilization of Keynote Energy Policies Act''. Testimony was heard from public witnesses.


Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held a hearing entitled ``The Pet Medication Industry: Issues and Perspectives''. Testimony was heard from Tara D455Koslov, Deputy Director, Office of Policy Planning, Federal Trade Commission; and public witnesses.

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Committee on Veterans' Affairs: Subcommittee on Health held a markup on H.R. 353, the ``Veterans' Access to Hearing Health Act of 2015''; H.R. 3471, the ``Veterans Mobility Safety Act of 2015''; H.R. 3974, the ``Grow Our Own Directive: Physician Assistant Employment and Education Act of 2015''; H.R. 3989, the ``Support Our Military Caregivers Act''; H.R. 4977, the ``VA Scheduling Accountability Act''; H.R. 2460, to amend title 38, United States Code, to improve the provision of adult day health care services for veterans; and H.R. 3956, the ``VA Health Center Management Stability and Improvement Act''. The following bills were ordered reported, as amended: H.R. 353, H.R. 3471, H.R. 3974, H.R. 3989, and H.R. 4977. H.R. 2460 and H.R. 3956 were ordered reported, without amendment.


Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: Full Committee held a markup on H.R. 5077, the ``Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017''. H.R. 5077 was ordered reported, without amendment. A motion to grant access to Members of the House to review the classified Schedule of Authorizations and the classified Annex to the Committee's report passed. This markup was closed.
Joint Meetings
No joint committee meetings were held.


MAY 2, 2016

(Committee meetings are open unless otherwise indicated)


No meetings/hearings scheduled.


No hearings are scheduled.

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Next Meeting of the SENATE
2 p.m., Monday, May 2
Senate Chamber

Program for Monday: Senate will meet in a pro forma session.

3 p.m., Tuesday, May 3 K
House Chamber K

Program for Tuesday: House will meet in Pro Forma session at 3 p.m.

Extension of Remarks, as inserted in this issue


Aderholt, Robert B., Ala., E641, E643

Barr, Andy, Ky., E640

Beatty, Joyce, Ohio, E631, E633

Blumenauer, Earl, Ore., E641

Capps, Lois, Calif., E630

Coffman, Mike, Colo., E635, E643

Connolly, Gerald E., Va., E632, E633, E634, E636, E637, E638, E639, E640, E641, E642

DeLauro, Rosa L., Conn., E633

Dent, Charles W., Pa., E631

Farr, Sam, Calif., E630, E631, E632

Frankel, Lois, Fla., E632

Goodlatte, Bob, Va., E640

Green, Gene, Tex., E627

Himes, James A., Conn., E629

Hudson, Richard, N.C., E637

Hunter, Duncan, Calif., E629

Hurd, Will, Tex., E628

Jackson Lee, Sheila, Tex., E638

Kaptur, Marcy, Ohio, E638

Keating, William R., Mass., E642

Lieu, Ted, Calif., E629

Luetkemeyer, Blaine, Mo., E633, E635, E636, E637, E639, E643

Marchant, Kenny, Tex., E630

Matsui, Doris O., Calif., E630, E633

McCollum, Betty, Minn., E627

McGovern, James P., Mass., E635

Meehan, Patrick, Pa., E627

Moore, Gwen, Wisc., E642

Nolan, Richard M., Minn. E629

Payne, Donald M., Jr., N.J., E636

Pelosi, Nancy, Calif., E641

Price, David E., N.C., E628

Quigley, Mike, Ill., E632

Schakowsky, Janice D., Ill., E637

Sewell, Terri A., Ala., E628

Stefanik, Elise M., N.Y., E628

Stivers, Steve, Ohio, E636

Thompson, Mike, Calif., E631, E634, E635

Van Hollen, Chris, Md., E637

Walorski, Jackie, Ind., E634, E643

Wasserman Schultz, Debbie, Fla., E642

Webster, Daniel, Fla., E639

Westmoreland, Lynn A., Ga., E640

Wilson, Frederica S., Fla., E639

Wilson, Joe, S.C., E627

Young, David, Iowa, E631, E632, E634, E642

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