Tell Your Members of Congress to Fix the Highway Trust Fund

The current short-term funding patch for transportation programs is set to expire July 31, unless Congress works to provide a long-term funding solution and a multi-year transportation bill keep these programs afloat. Your senators and representatives need to hear from you; please send them an email urging them to fix the Highway Trust Fund before it goes broke.

The Department of Transportation has warned that failure to fix the current funding problem before July will result in states cancelling or deferring projects due to the lack of funding predictability. Further, DOT Secretary Foxx said if a bill isn't passed by the end of July, the U.S. Department of Transportation is planning on notifying states that the agency could begin rationing funds as early as July. This rationing would result in delayed payments to contractors.

Keep the Pressure On- Join the Grass Roots Blitz and Contact Your Legislators Today!

And again, and again over the next 10 weeks!

Congress needs to understand the need to fix the Highway Trust Fund before the current extension expires. A series of five e-mails have been developed and we're asking you and your employees to send one of the messages every two weeks. The dates in parenthesis below indicate when each letter should be sent. However, if you missed one or two letters, these are only suggested dates. You can always catch up by sending them under shorter deadlines.

Please take the time for you and your employees to not only send an email today but a total of five over the next ten weeks. Congress needs to hear from you.

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