David A. Perdue (Republican Party)
Georgia US Senate


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RSOB- Russell Senate Office Building Room 455
2 Constitution Avenue, NE
Washington DC 20510-1009
202 224-3521 (Phone)
202 228-1031 (Fax)

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3280 Peachtree Road, NE Suite 2640
Atlanta GA 30305-2457
404 865-0087 (Phone)
404 816-3435 (Fax)

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Smithsonian Institution Building Room 302
1000 Jefferson Drive, SW
Washington DC 20560
202 633-5106 (Phone)
202 357-4310 (Fax)



Senate Budget

Senate Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry

Senate Armed Services

Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs

October 2015 - Participated in a Senate colloquy in support of National Forest Products Week.

June 2015 - Signed a letter to EPA, USDA, and DOE in support of biomass energy as a sustainable, responsible, renewable, and economically significant energy source.

114th Congress AF&PA Voting Record - Senate
Description Preferred Position This official's vote compared with the preferred position
H.R. 1314, the Trade Act of 2015: Reauthorizes Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) allowing for the executive branch to negotiate and finalize market opening free trade agreements. Y Voted WITH the preferred position
This official's percentage on this voting record: 100%
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Voted with the preferred position Voted against the preferred position
Y Voted YES N Voted NO
- Did Not Vote A Absent
T Paired Vote Z Presiding
P Voted PRESENT    
Cosponsorship of Key Legislation
DescriptionPreferred PositionCosponsor of this Legislation?

115 S.951
S.951, the Regulatory Accountability Act: A comprehensive regulatory reform measure that provides a judicially enforceable cost-benefit standard for major federal regulations and requires greater opportunity for public input and vetting of critical information - especially for billion-dollar rules, and requires that information about the regulation be publicly released in a timely manner.


114 S.655
S.655 - Prohibits the use of funds by the Secretary of the Interior to make a final determination on the listing of the northern long-eared bat under the Endangered Species Act.


114 S.751
S.751, the Clean Air, Strong Economies Act - Prohibits the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from lowering its national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for ozone until at least 85% of counties that are in nonattainment areas (counties that are exceeding the limit) have attained the standard. In promulgating a primary or secondary NAAQS for ozone, the EPA must: only consider a county to be a nonattainment area on the basis of direct air quality monitoring (rather than modeling); take into consideration feasibility and cost; and include in the regulatory impact analysis for the proposed and final rule at least one analysis that does not include any calculation of benefits resulting from reducing emissions of any pollutant other than ozone.

This legislator cosponsored this legislation on 2015-03-17


114 S.808
S. 808, the Surface Transportation Board Reauthorization Act - Removes the Surface Transportation Board from the Department of Transportation (DOT) to establish it as an independent U.S. agency. Increases Board membership from three to five members. Prescribes requirements for discussions at Board meetings not open to the public. Requires the Board to: establish a database of rail service complaints it has received, and post quarterly reports of such complaints as well as rail service complaints it has received on its website. Reauthorizes appropriations for FY2016-FY2020 for the Board. Grants the DOT Inspector General authority to review only the financial management, property management, and business operations of the Board to determine its compliance with federal laws, rules, and regulations. Requires the Board to: maintain one or more simplified and expedited methods for determining the reasonableness of challenged rail rates in cases where a full stand-alone cost presentation is too costly, given the value of the case; and maintain procedures to ensure expeditious handling of challenges to the reasonableness of rail rates. Prescribes time limits for Board review of rail rate reasonableness cases. Repeals certain rail service contract limitations involving the transportation of agricultural commodities. Authorizes the Board to investigate rail carrier and pipeline carrier violations on its own initiative as well as on complaint (as under existing law). Prescribes requirements for investigations commenced on the Board`s own initiative. Requires the Board to establish a voluntary binding arbitration process to resolve rail rate and practice disputes. Directs the Government Accountability Office to study rail rate contract proposals containing multiple origin-to-destination movements.


114 S.1140
S.1140, the Federal Water Quality Protection Act - Requires the Department of the Army and the Environmental Protection Agency to adhere to certain principles and take specified actions in proposing any regulation revising the definitions of "waters of the United States" and "navigable waters."

This legislator cosponsored this legislation on 2015-05-05


114 S.1298
S.1298, the Ports Performance Act - Provides nationally consistent measures of performance of the Nation’s ports.


114 S.1634
The Railroad Antitrust Enforcement Act - Amends federal transportation law to terminate the exemptions of railroads from antitrust laws for collective ratemaking agreements. Requires the Surface Transportation Board, when reviewing a proposed agreement, to take into account its impact upon shippers, consumers, and affected communities.


114 S.2006
S. 2006 - The Regulatory Accountability Act - Increases public participation in shaping the most costly regulations before they are proposed. Requires that agencies choose the least costly option, unless they can demonstrate that public health, safety, or welfare requires a more costly requirement. Gives interested parties the opportunity to hold agencies accountable for their compliance with the Information Quality Act. Provides for on-the-record administrative hearings for the most costly regulations to ensure that agency data is well-tested and reviewed. Provides for a more rigorous test in legal challenges for those regulations that would have the most impact.

This legislator cosponsored this legislation on 2015-08-06


114 S.2478
Requires the Secretary of the Treasury to provide for the purchase of paper United States savings bonds with tax refunds.


114 S.2882
S. 2882, the Ozone Standards Implementation Act - Prevents a rushed implementation of the 2015 ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), by: • Setting a 10-year implementation schedule for the 2015 ozone NAAQS to provide states time to complete work on implementing the 2008 ozone standard, • Adjusting the NAAQS review cycle to 10 years, establishing a more realistic review cycle, • Requiring EPA to issue implementation guidance concurrent with any NAAQS revision, and • Providing important relief for Prevention of Significant Deterioration permits.


114 S.3085
S. 3085, the Emergency Wildfire and Forest Management Act - Fixes the wildfire funding issues that have plagued the Forest Service. Provides efficiencies in forest management through expediting environmental analysis, streamlining National Environmental Policy Act issues, promoting large-scale landscape management projects, and other authorities.

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