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115th Congress AF&PA Voting Record - House
Description Preferred Position This official's vote compared with the preferred position
H.R. 5, the Regulatory Accountability Act: A comprehensive regulatory reform measure consisting of the following individual bills: - Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 45) - Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (H.R. 33) - Separation of Powers Restoration Act (H.R. 76) - Require Evaluation before Implementing Executive Wishlists (REVIEW) Act (H.R. 74) - All Economic Regulations are Transparent (ALERT) Act (H.R. 75) - Providing Accountability Through Transparency Act (H.R. 77) Y Voted AGAINST the preferred position
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Cosponsorship of Key Legislation
DescriptionPreferred PositionCosponsor of this Legislation?

114 H.R.167
H.R. 167, the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act - Requires specified adjustments to discretionary spending limits in FY2015-FY2022 to accommodate appropriations for wildfire suppression operations in the Wildland Fire Management accounts at the Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the Department of the Interior. If USDA or Interior determines that supplemental appropriations are necessary for wildfire suppression operations, the bill requires the relevant department to submit to Congress a request for the funding and a plan for obligating the funds. This bill would end the destructive cycle of fire borrowing and treating catastrophic wildfires like other natural disasters.


114 H.R.1388
H.R. 1388, the Clean Air, Strong Economies Act - Prohibits the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from lowering its national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for ozone until at least 85% of counties that are in nonattainment areas (counties that are exceeding the limit) have attained the standard. In promulgating a primary or secondary NAAQS for ozone, the EPA must: only consider a county to be a nonattainment area on the basis of direct air quality monitoring (rather than modeling); take into consideration feasibility and cost; and include in the regulatory impact analysis for the proposed and final rule at least one analysis that does not include any calculation of benefits resulting from reducing emissions of any pollutant other than ozone.


114 H.R.1652
H.R. 1652, the SAVINGS Act - Directs the Department of the Treasury to: (1) allow individual taxpayers an option to purchase U.S. savings bonds in paper form with a portion or all of a tax refund during the period ending on December 31, 2020; or (2) implement an alternative option that allows for the gifting of U.S. savings bonds, serves the unbanked, and retains the ability to sign-up on the return of tax.


114 H.R.1732
H.R. 1732, the Regulatory Integrity Protection Act - Requires EPA to withdraw its Waters of the U.S. rule and develop a new proposed rule after engaging in meaningful stakeholder consultation.


114 H.R.2042
H.R. 2042, the Ratepayer Protection Act - Requires judicial review of EPA’s 111(d) rule for existing power plants (Clean Power Plan) to be completed before states are compelled to comply. It would also ensure that no state would be forced to implement a state or federal plan if the governor finds it would significantly harm energy affordability or reliability.


114 H.R.2647
H.R. 2647, the Resilient Federal Forests Act - Provides the Forest Service with new tools to expedite needed management of the National Forest System; streamlines NEPA compliance, discourages litigation, and provides access to new funding streams to help pay for forest management projects.


114 H.R.3488
H.R. 3488 - The Safe, Flexible, and Efficient Trucking Act - Allows states to increase Gross Vehicle Weight on federal interstate highways to 91,000 pounds with the addition of an additional (sixth) axle.


114 H.R.3673
H.R. 3673 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mail paper forms to any individual who filed a paper return for the preceding taxable year.


114 H.R.4000
H.R. 4000, the Ozone NAAQS Deadline Harmonization Act - Changes the NAAQS 5-year review cycle to 10 years to ensure a fair regulatory process that encourages job producing investments. Creates a phased, 10-year schedule for implementation of the 2015 Ozone NAAQS rule to allow reductions from the 2008 standard and current programs before any further state actions. Allows new projects to be permitted under the more favorable 2008 standard for the next 2025.


114 H.R.4775
H.R. 4775, the Ozone Standards Implementation Act - Delays implementation of the 2015 ozone NAAQS until 2025 and lengthens the NAAQS review cycle from five years to ten years for all NAAQS. This bill also requires concurrent issuance of all implementation requirements with any NAAQS revision and allows technical feasibility to be a secondary factor in setting the NAAQS after public health is considered.

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