A. Donald McEachin (Democratic Party)
Virginia District 4


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CHOB- Cannon House Office Building Room 314
25 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington DC 20515-4604
202 225-6365 (Phone)
202 226-1170 (Fax)

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110 North Robinson Street Suite 401
Richmond VA 23220
804 486-1840 (Phone)
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131 North Saratoga Street Suite B
Suffolk VA 23434
757 942-6050 (Phone)
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115th Congress AF&PA Voting Record - House
Description Preferred Position This official's vote compared with the preferred position
H.R. 5, the Regulatory Accountability Act: A comprehensive regulatory reform measure consisting of the following individual bills: - Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 45) - Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (H.R. 33) - Separation of Powers Restoration Act (H.R. 76) - Require Evaluation before Implementing Executive Wishlists (REVIEW) Act (H.R. 74) - All Economic Regulations are Transparent (ALERT) Act (H.R. 75) - Providing Accountability Through Transparency Act (H.R. 77) Y Voted AGAINST the preferred position
This official's percentage on this voting record: 0%
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Voted with the preferred position Voted against the preferred position
Y Voted YES N Voted NO
- Did Not Vote A Absent
T Paired Vote Z Presiding