ACTION ALERT! Ask Pennsylvania Senators to Support Including Paper and Other Auxiliary Containers in HB 1071.

Please pass this Grassroots Alert to members of your organization, your colleagues, your family and friends who are Pennsylvania residents.

House Bill 1071 establishes a preemption for counties and municipalities in Pennsylvania to not ban or place fees, surcharges and taxes on recyclable plasticHB bags. The current bill excludes other auxiliary containers including paper bags, foodservice packaging and boxes.

The American Forest & Paper Association supports preempting local jurisdictions from enacting bans or taxes on “auxiliary containers” because it prevents the patchwork of local ordinances that penalize paper and paper-based packaging—a commodity that is recyclable, compostable and made from a renewable resource.

Paper and paper-based packaging recovery is an environmental success story. In 2016, 67.2 percent of all paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling, and the recovery rate has met or exceeded 63 percent for the past seven years.

Offering a single-use container or bag free of charge at the point of purchase is a natural part of customer service. Many services are included in the price of the goods consumers already buy, such as rent, electricity, insurance and employee wages. Once there is an obligation to pay fees for containers, those fees are likely to increase over time. There is no existing law prohibiting retailers from charging for containers voluntarily.

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