ACTION ALERT! Ask your member of Congress to Cosponsor the PAPER Act!

Paper-based communications are critically important for millions of Americans. Increasingly, citizens are being denied the option to receive federal services and communications such as tax documents and savings bonds in a paper format. 

According to statistics provided by the IRS, over 46 million paper tax forms were filed last year.  However, due to regulatory changes, the IRS no longer offers the option to citizens of receiving paper forms or instructions by mail. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports that identity theft due to electronic filing of taxes has increased 480 percent since 2008, amounting to $5.2 billion in fraudulent returns in 2010 alone.

H.R. 3673, the PAPER Act, sponsored by Rep. Dan Benishek (R-MI), requires the Internal Revenue Service to mail paper income tax forms and instructions to taxpayers who file paper returns in the previous year.

Citizens should be able to choose the manner in which they receive information and services from the federal government. Paper and digital formats can be complementary; those who wish to receive paper-based communications and documentation should have that choice and not be forced to digital delivery or forgo the information or service.

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