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Fix the Highway Trust Fund & Support Transportation Investment

The FAST Act, temporarily stabilized federal highway and transit investment by supplementing over $70 billion to cover the Highway Trust Fund’s revenue gap. However, once the FAST Act expires in October 2020, the Highway Trust Fund will once again face funding shortfalls. As a result of failing to permanently fix the Highway Trust Fund, Congress has shifted a total of $143 billion from elsewhere in the federal budget to preserve highway and transit funding. Without a real and permanent solution for financing the Highway Trust Fund, Congress will once again be forced to bail out the trust fund or significantly cut highway and transit funding.

President Trump and leaders in Congress have identified tax reform and infrastructure investment as key priorities. They are currently actively pursuing both initiatives, either of which would be an appropriate vehicle to carry a permanent Highway Trust Fund fix. This concept is not without precedent, as previous revenue increases to the Highway Trust Fund have been a part of large tax and budget deals.

In addition to fixing the Highway Trust Fund, Congress should uphold its promise to increase infrastructure investment.

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