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About the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act:

  • Would ensure the safety of our roadways while improving the efficiency of our nation’s transportation network. Numerous studies have proven the safety, environmental and productivity benefits of increasing interstate weight limits for six-axle vehicles.
  • Carefully balances safety and productivity by increasing the interstate gross vehicle weight limit from 80,000 to 97,000 pounds for vehicles that are properly equipped with a 6th axle and additional tires to maintain current safety standards. 
  • Would slow the rate of U.S. traffic growth by allowing companies to ship products using fewer truckloads.  Our nation’s freight traffic is expected to double by 2035.
  • Could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 42 billion pounds annually and result in a 19 percent decrease in fuel consumption and emissions per ton mile.
  • Applies only to states that opt-in to this increase and to businesses that pay an increased per truck Heavy Vehicle Use Tax fee targeted to bridge repair and maintenance.

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