It's Time for Big Government to

Get Out of Your Milk!

Government spending and regulations are out of control. We are more than $14 trillion in debt and businesses large and small are drowning in red tape. The dairy industry is just one area where out-of-control government has created needless inefficiencies and higher costs for consumers.

It’s hard to believe, but since a law was passed in 1937 the U. S. government has set the price of milk across America. And that bureaucracy has kept the price of the milk we drink higher than it should be.

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Most aspects of daily life have greatly improved since the 1930s—and the dairy industry is no exception. So why does the government still price and regulate milk like it's 1937? This big government boondoggle has outlived its usefulness—and forces consumers to pay more for their milk.
In 1937—before improvements in farm milking and milk storage technology, before our national highway system and refrigerated trucks—the government issued regulations designed to ensure that consumers had a sufficient supply of fresh milk to meet local demand.
But modern farming and transportation have solved these problems. State-of-the-art refrigerated trucks can quickly and efficiently deliver dairy products to every community across the country. Dairy farmers and dairy processors have little trouble supplying consumers with fresh, safe and nutritious milk.

Why are consumers still subject to antiquated milk-pricing laws put in place when Franklin D. Roosevelt was president? More to the point: Why is the government inserting itself into your morning glass of milk or bowl of cereal?

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A bureaucracy of hundreds of people is keeping milk prices high for consumers already struggling in a tight economy. Millions of dollars are being spent needlessly by both consumers and taxpayers as a result of this outdated milk price regulatory scheme.

It’s time to stand up against bloated bureaucracies and outdated laws and fight back against high milk prices straining our wallets. Contact your members of Congress here and now, and let them know it’s time to get the government out of our milk.
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