Remove Out of Network Coverage Proposal

I hope you will take action on proposed budget language that could raise the cost of health insurance premiums by double digit percentages by mandating that private insurance products include out-of-network coverage.  

An across-the-board out-of-network mandate would add cost and reduce flexibility to existing plans, thereby raising prices and limiting the variety of plans at the same time.  Currently, those who choose to purchase out-of-network coverage are free to do so.  Additionally, mandating all health insurers to offer coverage for all services performed by out-of-network providers would essentially remove incentives for providers to participate as part of networks, seriously weakening existing networks and resulting in significantly increased health insurance premiums.

If you agree that a mandated out-of-network coverage will hurt your business and your employees, take action now by sending a letter to your legislators and Governor Cuomo asking them to remove out-of-network mandates from the budget.

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