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Urge Your Legislators to Oppose a Minimum Wage Hike

Urge Your Elected Officials to Oppose a Minimum Wage Increase

Leading into the second half of the legislative session, Governor Shumlin and legislative leadership are pushing to raise the minimum wage from $8.73/hour to $10.10/hour. Vermont currently has the third highest minimum wage.  If this issue will impact your business you need to contact your legislator(s) today.

With a push for this so late in the biennium, we are concerned about legislator’s ability to fully analyze the risks versus the benefits to make a responsible decision with a small window of time. This will potentially impact small employers, low-wage employment, and entry level employment.

This minimum wage proposal overturns a 2007 compromise that links minimum wage annual increases to inflation; there is an exception that in no year can it increase by more than five percent (5%).

NFIB has made it fast and easy for you to communicate your message to your lawmakers. Using our Legislative Action Center, you can send an e-mail with just the click of your mouse. NFIB has provided talking points to help you craft your message. Be sure to include information about your business and how this issue may impact you.

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