Vote YES on a Comprehensive Capital Re-appropriations Bill

ICIC Members:
Each Spring, the General Assembly must pass legislation that provides the Capital Development Board with continued spending authority, referred to as “capital re-appropriations,” for ongoing State facility and Higher Education building construction projects initially approved by the legislature in FY2010.

While the Governor has worked with House and Senate Republicans to propose four separate capital reappropriations bills (FY17: HB6407, SB3255/ FY16: HB2913, SB2024), none of the bills have been scheduled for a committee hearing.  We ask that you take a few minutes to either fill out your information and send the letter below to your Illinois state legislators, or contact them by phone by the close of business tomorrow.  Since we are in the final days of the legislative session, it is important to act now.

The FY2016 capital reappropriations (HB4166/Public Act 99-007) only authorized $4 million of the over $2.1 billion (0.19%) total required CDB capital spending authority. The consequences of not passing a full capital re-appropriations bill are outlined in the attached letter that we are asking you to send to your legislators.

Thank you for your assistance in reaching out to elected officials.  Your support is vital.

Step One:

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