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Building STAR legislation was introduced in the Senate on March 4th as S. 3079, the "Building STAR Energy Efficiency Rebate Act of 2010."  It is a package of rebates and financing incentives for building owners to upgrade their property's energy efficiency, including exterior and interior lighting, energy monitoring and management, HVAC, motors and drives.  It is estimated that the prospective $6 billion in funding for the Building STAR program would spur $18 to $24 billion in total program spending, creating up to 200,000 jobs, particularly for the hard-hit construction industry, as well as manufacturing and other industries.

To continue garnering support for Building STAR, NEMA asks that you contact your Senators over the coming days and urge them to cosponsor Building STAR (S. 3079).  We also encourage you to ask Senators to support Building STAR, should it be offered as an amendment or included in some fashion in a small business or energy legislative package.  Legislation is moving fast before the August recess, so we urge you to contact your Senators soon.

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