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Welcome to the NUCA/PAC Website! 

The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) is well respected on Capitol Hill as one of the major players in the construction industry thanks in part to its political activism. One element of NUCA's political involvement is its [nonpartisan] political action committee, or PAC, called the NUCA/PAC. The NUCA/PAC allows eligible NUCA members to pool personal, voluntary financial contributions to support candidates seeking elective office at the federal, state and local level, who support issues important to our industry and our members.

Since 1976, NUCA/PAC has been one of the leading construction industry PACs. NUCAPAC is the only federally registered political action fund managed by utility and excavation contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. NUCA/PAC's sole purpose is to provide financial support to federal candidates who support the utility construction and excavation industry.

Prior Approval

Per the Federal Election Commission's regulations, the National Utility Contractors Association must receive approval from our members before we can grant access to the PAC website. After you sign the Prior Approval Form, your management level employees and above will become a part of NUCAPAC's solicitable class. Members may give permission to only one association to solicit each calendar year.

What Do I Need to Do?

If you do not yet have prior approval, please click here to fill out and submit our electronic Prior Approval Form.

If you have obtained prior approval, please use the username and password that was emailed to you in the confirmation email you received after filling out the Prior Approval Form. If you do not have prior approval, you will not be able to access this site.

Any questions? Please contact Bryce Mongeon at

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In accordance with Federal Law and Federal Election Committee rules and regulations the NUCAPAC may only accept contributions which meet the following criteria:

  • NUCAPAC may ONLY accept PERSONAL contributions. Contributions from corporate accounts to NUCAPAC are prohibited by law and will be returned.
  • Contributions to NUCAPAC are voluntary and are not tax deductible.
  • NUCAPAC may only accept contributions from NUCA members who have prior approval.