2014 General Election Overview

The 2014 midterm elections are over and voters gave Republicans an overwhelming victory.  36 Senators, 36 Governors, 435 Representatives and over 80 state legislative chambers were up for re-election, and Republicans made gains in all of them.

One of the major storylines of the 2014 elections was whether Republicans would net the six seats they needed to win control of the Senate. Republicans picked up four open seats formerly held by Democrats in IA, MT, SD and WV and kept the competitive races in KS, KY and GA in GOP hands.  They also defeated five Democratic incumbents in AK, AR, CO, NC and LA.  Democrats managed to hold on to NH, MI and VA, though a few of the races were extremely close.  This gives Republicans a gain of 9 seats, giving them control of the Senate with 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats and 2 Independents.

In the House of Representatives, Republicans entered the night with 234 seats to the Democrats 201.  Republicans netted 13 seats in the House, giving the Republicans the largest Congressional majority they have held since 1928.  The losses for the Democrats in the House in 2010 and 2014 combined make for the most seats lost by the President’s party in the modern era. The current count is 247 Republicans to 188 Democrats.

The Republican wave continued down to the state level, with GOP gains in Governorships and state legislatures. Republicans flipped the governorships of Massachusetts, Illinois, Arkansas and Maryland, while the Democrats flipped Pennsylvania and an Independent in Alaska took down the incumbent Republican. Winning gubernatorial races in blue states was impressive, but so was the Republican defense of governorships in the purple states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and Florida. Democrats won tight races in Colorado, Connecticut and Rhode Island. In addition to the wins in races for governor, Republicans now control the most state legislative chambers in history, holding between 67 and 69 depending on what the final ballot count shows.  In 24 states, Republicans hold total control of state government with the Governorship and both legislative chambers while Democrats only hold such state dominance in six states.

Updated 12/17/14