SQ 764: Water Infrastructure Financing

Water is essential to the development and growth of our state. Decide how Oklahoma will ensure the delivery of clean water for future generations before you go to the polls.

State Question 764 is a constitutional amendment that creates the Water Infrastructure Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund, and authorizes the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) to provide financing to local communities for water infrastructure projects at lower interest rates.

The reserve fund will allow available credit to be leveraged for water resource and sewage treatment financial assistance programs for municipalities, rural water districts and other public entities in Oklahoma. The recent update of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan estimates that over the next fifty years the need for maintaining, replacing and expanding drinking water and wastewater infrastructure will total over 80 billion dollars. To begin to address these needs, SQ 764 allows the OWRB to provide financing for water infrastructure projects. The current OWRB loan programs have saved Oklahoma taxpayers over $900 million since its inception, and the new reserve fund will enhance this program.

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SQ 764 will burden Oklahomans with additional debt. SQ 764 will enhance current OWRB infrastructure loan programs which have saved Oklahoma taxpayers over $900 million since 1985.
SQ 764 will help build a pipeline to ship Oklahoma water out of the state to Texas. SQ 764 helps protect one of our state's most precious natural resources - water. The creation of the reserve fund will ensure the state's ability to assist communities in reducing waste of this precious resource by updating aging infrastructure.
SQ 764 will reduce the amount of funding available for other core government services, such as education and public safety.
SQ 764 will ensure proper financing of water infrastructure needs and will protect funding of other government services by putting financing in place now vs. when an emergency need arises.
Rural Oklahoma does not receive its fair share of water infrastructure financing, only urban Oklahoma benefits from the available loan and grant programs.

Click here to view water and wastewater financing projects across the state, from Cimarron County in the panhandle to Broken Bow in McCurtain County.

SQ 764 will affect the tribal lawsuit filed against OWRB and other state officials regarding historic water rights in SE Oklahoma. SQ 764, its passage or failure, will not affect the pending lawsuit over historic water rights.
SQ 764 will increase taxes. SQ 764 will create additional financing authority for water infrastructure needs without a tax increase.
SQ 764 will increase state government spending. SQ 764 will help Oklahoma communities update infrastructure to meet new EPA regulations at lower interest rates.


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