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Voter ID Law 


Since the Legislature passed and Gov. Corbett signed into law the state’s Voter ID law in 2012 it has been mired in litigation and court challenges.  This summer the law was again put on hold, this time by a Commonwealth Court Judge.  It is expected that Commonwealth Court will hand down a verdict sometime in 2012, though both sides in the legal dispute have vowed to appeal the ruling. So for the time being no photo ID is required to be shown at the polls, nor can election officials ask if voters have ID. The long-standing requirement that people voting for the first time at a new precinct show some type of ID remains. Meanwhile, to learn more about the facts behind the controversy, click here

Register to Vote

In Pennsylvania you must be registered to vote 30 days prior to Election Day.  Please print, complete and return the attached voter registration form if you would like to register to vote.

Absentee Voting 
In Pennsylvania, absentee ballots are available to persons in the armed forces, their spouses and dependents, other citizens in federal service attached to the armed forces, persons absent from their municipality the entire time the polls are open on Election Day, those who cannot go to the polls because of illness or disability, county employees whose Election Day responsibilities prohibit them from going to the polls and persons who will not go to the polls because of the observation of a religious holiday. 

If a voter thinks he or she MAY be away from their home municipality on Election Day, the voter can apply for an absentee ballot. With so much business travel arising at the last minute, it is wise to apply for the absentee and cast your ballot.  The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is the Tuesday that falls one week before Election Day. The ballot will be mailed to you by your county election bureau and must be completed and returned no later than the Friday before Election Day. If it turns out that the voter is present on Election Day, he or she can go to their polling place, cancel out their absentee ballot, and vote in person.  PA absentee ballot application forms are being changed to reflect the new voter ID requirements.  However, given the legal challenge to the law, completion of the new forms has been delayed.  Check back for a link to a PA absentee ballot application form.

Military Voting
With absentee ballot voting for military families, the process can be complicated and confusing. But the Military Voter Protection Project (MVP Project) has a new initiative for military families called the Heroes Vote Initiative. This initiative hopes to get our service members and their families heard on Election Day.. For more information, click here to check out their website.