Employee Free Choice Act  News Links


Solis pledges to make 'strongest case possible' for card check (The Hill) 

Obama praises Employee Free Choice Act at AFL-CIO convention (Sacramento Business Journal) 

Democrats drop key part of bill to assist unions (NY Times) 

Obama: Not enough votes for labor's 'card check' bill (Washington Times) 

Specter suggests changes to union bill (Wall Street Journal) 

Surprise, Specter may jump on board card-check (New Ledger) 

Harkin optimistic for 'card check' bill (CQ Politics) 

Sides labor over card check bill (Kansas City Business Journal) 

Sen. Sherrod Brown predicts card check bill rewrite (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 

Labor secretary leaves card check up to Congress (Las Vegas Sun) 

Survey says union ballots should remain secret (Birmingham Business Journal) 

Romney slams binding arbitration in EFCA call (The Hill) 

Hot contest over 'card check' continues (Politico) 

Minority business advocates wage 'war' on 'card check' bill (CNN Money) 

Lincoln opposes card-check bill (The Hill) 

Lincoln a death blow on labor bill? (Politico) 

Pryor seeks card-check deal (The Hill) 

Union bill's declining chances give rise to alternatives (Washington Post) 

Reid: Specter card-check switch closes door to Dems (The Hill) 

'Card check' bill loses key supporters (LA Times) 

Key labor bill gains 2 opponents: Voinovich, Specter (Columbus Dispatch) 

Labor may be open to changes to union bill (Wall Street Journal) 

Card-check compromise draws criticism (The Hill) 

Companies seek middle ground on union card check (Associated Press) 

President tells unions organizing act will pass (Wall Street Journal) 

Card check could bring sweeping change (Wooster Daily Record) 

Poll: 81 percent of workers against unions (Newsmax.com) 

Card-check bill: The most radical change in collective bargaining in 75 years (CNSNews.com) 

Centrist Dems dodge labor bill (Politico) 

Democrats open to compromise on card check (Associated Press) 

"Card-check"--see you in September? (DC Examiner) 

Ben Nelson opposes EFCA (Huffington Post) 

Fierce lobbying greets bill to ease unionizing (New York Times) 

Possible change to labor law ignites controversy (NPR) 

Dems' card-check sellout (The Hill) 

Business, unions swarm Hill (Politico)

Key union renews push for hotly disputed labor bill (CNN)

Labor bill faces threat in Senate (Wall Street Journal) 

President tells unions organizing act will pass (Wall Street Journal)
Biden backs labor's 'card check' efforts (The Hill)  

Unions confident of passing organized measure (Reuters) 

Employee Free Choice Act will cost US economy 600,000 jobs in 2010 (PR Newswire) 

Union official: Franken 60th vote on card check (The Hill)

Free market groups warn against economic fallout from card check (Washington Examiner) 

Government workers boost growth in unions (Cincinnati Enquirer) 

Battle deepens over union organizing (Washington Post) 

Employee Free Choice Act may increase economic uncertainty (San Francisco Chronicle) 

Secret ballots pitched for unions (Salt Lake Tribune) 

Editorials and Opinions

Newt Gingrich: Arbitration the real threat in EFCA (Politico) 

Ron Gidwitz: The Employee Free Choice Act is anything but that (State Journal-Register) 

Michael Barone: Unions can't dictate an increase in power (Detroit News) 

Employee Free Choice Act fails to promote needed balance (Times-West Virginian) 

Free Choice? Bill comes with a price (Indianapolis Star)

EFCA dealt a blow (Minneapolis Star Tribune) 

Editorial: Bad check (Columbus Dispatch) 

Editorial: The flaw in 'card check' (LA Times) 

Michael Bernard: Employee Free Choice Act, otherwise known as 'card check,' shaping up to be big fight (Associated Content) 

John T. Palter: 'Card check' bill is union power grab (Dallas Morning News) 

John Brummett: Card check and secret ballots (Arkansas News) 

Daniel Griswold: Unionization toll is high enough without throwing in 'card check' (Hawaii Reporter) 

E. Thomas McClanahan: Unions' misleading card-check bill should be defeated (Kansas City Star) 

Eugene Scalia: Secret ballots are free choice (Wallstreet Journal) 

Andrew Malcolm: Here comes card-check/EFCA (LA Times) 

Study finds Card Check would cost millions of jobs (DC Examiner) 

Brian Johnson: Unions should not be so confident in EFCA (American Spectator) 

Ariella Bernstein: Democrats shouldn't rush on labor legislation (The Wall Street Journal) 

Salena Zito: Union dues? (Pittsburgh Tribune) 


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