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Political participation is the cornerstone of American democracy. Yet, in 2010, not even half of all eligible Americans voted. 2012 will bring landmark elections, and we believe all Americans should participate. Not only are we electing a President, 435 members of Congress, 33 Senators, 11 Governors and countless state officials, but 2012 is also a redistricting year. Your federal or state district may be changing. Click here to find out where your state is in the redistricting process. 
Each and every one of our elected officials has the ability to positively or negatively shape legislation affecting each of us, our company, and our communities. In 2012, elected officials – at all levels of government – will be dealing with issues that affect the majority of the American electorate, such as the growing deficit, health care, and tax reform. Whether you are voting for a federal candidate or contacting your local legislator, you can make a difference. 
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