Reforming the States Antiquated Liquor System

PBC supports the Commonwealth’s divestiture of state-owned liquor stores. The sale of liquor -- and other consumer goods -- is not a core function of government. It is appropriate for Pennsylvania to regulate the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. PBC accepts the Commonwealth’s decision to tax alcoholic beverages. But PBC opposes the state’s continued control of the wholesale/distribution function for wine and spirits, and its ownership and operation of liquor retail stores. After the historic 105 to 90 vote by the State House to privatize the liquor stystem the focus is now on the State Senate. If you would like to see how your State Representative voted click here. The State Senate announced its first hearing on the issue will be held on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 9:30 A.M. in Harrisburg. Click Here to send a letter to your State Senator to support liquor reform. 

More than 60% of Pennsylvania voters support a liquor store privatization plan similar to Gov. Corbett’s proposal, according to recent statewide polling. Despite vigorous opposition from the United Food and Commercial Workers union, a majority of union members favor selling the system to private owners. In fact, the more consumers use the state stores the more they want to do away with it. For more on Liquor Store Privitization CLICK HERE.

A strong majority of Pennsylvanians favor ending government sale of wine and liquor according to a comprehensive poll conducted by nationally-renown pollster, FM3. CLICK HERE for poll results.

No mere luxury: Liquor privatization is about much more [READ MORE]

House Bill 790 passed on 3/21/13 with 105 Yeas, 90 Nays, and 6 excused. 
CLICK HERE to see how your State Representative voted. 

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The goal of Pennsylvania policymakers should be to make it the smart business decision for employers to locate, expand, and hire here in this commonwealth rather than in one of our competitor states. Likewise, the goal of federal policymakers ought to be to optimize conditions for economic growth in the United States so American businesses can compete worldwide. This means we must restrain state spending, enact pro-growth business tax relief, provide limits on lawsuit abuse, improve the regulatory climate, and ensure we have a trained workforce. Our state government cannot tax-and-spend the way to good fortune for all; but we can grow the private sector by attracting new business investments and expanding the tax base, then prosperity will surely follow.

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