Our Grow the Vote Partners

"Grow the Vote" is an industry-wide effort hosted by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) and the Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) to engage and eduate citizens of the forest products community about decisions made in Washington, DC.  Getting involved is easy.

Please visit any of the following Grow the Vote partner sites for information on the following:

Grow the Vote Partner Associations

Alabama Forestry Association (AFA) www.growthevote.org/alaforestry

Alaska Forest Association (AFA) www.growthevote.org/akforest

Allegheny Hardwood Utilization Group (AHUG) www.growthevote.org/ahug

American Forest Resource Council (AFRC) www.growthevote.org/afrc

Arkansas Forestry Association (AFA) www.growthevote.org/afa

Arkansas Timber Producers Association (ATPA) www.growthevote.org/arkloggers

California Forestry Association (CFA) www.growthevote.org/cfa

Florida Forestry Association (FFA) www.growthevote.org/ffa

Forest Resources Association (FRA) www.growthevote.org/fra

Kentucky Forest Industries Association (KFIA) www.growthevote.org/kfia

Louisiana Forestry Association (LFA) www.growthevote.org/lfa

Maine Pulp & Paper Association (MPPA) www.growthevote.org/mppa

Maryland Forests Association (MFA) www.growthevote.org/mdfa

Michigan Association of Timbermen (MITimbermen) www.growthevote.org/mitimbermen

Minnesota Forest Industries (MFI) www.growthevote.org/mfi

Mississippi Forestry Association (MFA) www.growthevote.org/mfa

Missouri Forest Products Association (MFPA) www.growthevote.org/mfpa

Montana Logging Association (MLA) www.growthevote.org/mla

Montana Wood Products Association (MWPA) www.growthevote.org/mwpa

National Paper Trade Association (NPTA) www.growthevote.org/npta

North Carolina Forestry Association (NCFA) www.growthevote.org/ncfa

Ohio Forestry Association, Inc. (OFA) www.growthevote.org/ofa

South Carolina Forestry Association (SCFA) www.growthevote.org/scfa

Tennessee Forestry Association (TFA) www.growthevote.org/tenn

Texas Forestry Association (TFA) www.growthevote.org/tfa

Virginia Forestry Association (VFA) www.growthevote.org/vfa

Virginia Forest Products Association (VPFA) www.growthevote.org/vfpa

Wisconsin Paper Council (WPC) www.growthevote.org/wpc