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Government Affairs

Political Spending

PPG Industries conducts political activities as permitted under federal, state, and local laws. PPG does not contribute corporate funds or make in-kind corporate contributions to candidates for federal office, national party committees, or federally-registered super PACs.

Ballot Measures: PPG Industries does not use corporate funds to support or oppose ballot measures and does not have plans to contribute to ballot measures in the future. However, if a matter with significant impact to our business were on a given ballot initiative, any contribution to a campaign for or against the measure would require the approval of the PPG PAC Executive Committee.

Corporate Contributions: We periodically utilize corporate funds to contribute to candidates, committees, and political parties in states, in large part because a number of states do not allow Federal PAC contributions. Our contributions are non-partisan and based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the candidate's or committee's views; demonstrated leadership or potential for leadership within their party; representation of districts or states where PPG Industries has a business presence; service on committees whose actions could affect our business; and likelihood of election success.

PPG Industries does not make any campaign contributions in anticipation of, in recognition of, or in return for an official act. We make contributions to support the interests of PPG Industries and our industry sector and contribute without regard to the private political interests of company executives, officers, or board members.

PPG Industries has not contributed to super PACs, nor do we have plans to do so in the future.

We periodically contribute corporate funds to support a small number of organizations of statewide elected and appointed officials and political party convention committees, some of which are known as 527 organizations. We do not consult with any of the groups regarding the disbursement of their funds.

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