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Free Trade Agreements - Federal Issues

              North American Free Trade Agreement

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

             AB 2335 Small Business Grants    SUPPORT


              SB 818 Redundant Requirements  OPPOSE


             AB 2447 Increases Costs & CEQA Litigation  OPPOSE


             AB 1743 Career Technical Education   Support /JOB CREATOR

              SB 1243 Career Training Education    SUPPORT/JOB CREATOR


             SB 64 Fuel Generation  OPPOSE

Health Care

             340B Drug Discount Program   OPPOSE

              AB 2384 Medication-Assisted Treatment  OPPOSE

             AB 2741 Prescriptions to minors    SUPPORT

Housing and Land Use

            SB 828 Land use: housing element.  SUPPORT

            SB 831 Streamlines Permitting  SUPPORT

Industrial Safety and Health

             AB 1761 Hotel Worker Panic Buttons  OPPOSE unless amended

Labor and Employment

             AB 1867 Document Retention  OPPOSE unless amended

            AB 1870 Extension of Statute of Limitations OPPOSE unless amended 

            AB 1976 Employment: lactation accommodation.  OPPOSE unless amended

           AB 2079 Training Requirements   OPPOSE

           AB 2455 Home care aide registry  OPPOSE

           AB 3080 Ban on Settlement Agreements  JOB KILLER

           AB 3081 Sexual Harassment OPPOSE

           SB 1284 Disclosure of Pay Data  JOB KILLER

           SB 1300 Unlawful employment practices  JOB KILLER

Legal Reform and Protection

           AB 2074/AB 2995 Lead Based Paint  OPPOSE

           AB 3121 Employee-Union Agents  OPPOSE

           SB 820 Settlement agreements   OPPOSE


          SB 1121 Personal information    JOB KILLER

Political Reform

           AB 1947 Compensation for signature gathering    OPPOSE

           AB 2770 Sexual Harassment Employer/Employee Protection  SUPPORT/JOB CREATOR

Product Regulations

            SB 1249 Animal testing: cosmetics.  OPPOSE


           SB 1335 New Recycling/Composting Requirements  OPPOSE

           AB 2779 Tethered Plastic Caps   OPPOSE

Regulatory Reform

            AB 2087 Modernized Technology   SUPPORT

Tax Reform

          SB 993 Tax on Services   JOB KILLER

          AB 1734 Extension of Film Credits   SUPPORT/JOB CREATOR

           SB 951 Extension of Film Credits    SUPPORT/JOB CREATOR

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