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2017 Action Alerts

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

            SB 252 Water Wells    OPPOSE         


             SB 356 Grid Reliability    OPPOSE

Hazardous Waste

            AB 245 Facilities and Enforcement   OPPOSE

             AB 246 Facilities: Emissions monitoring    OPPOSE

             SB 49 CA Environmental Defense Act    JOB KILLER


            SB 349 Dialysis Clinics Staffing     OPPOSE

Housing and Land Use

            AB 943 Discourages No Growth Ordinances   SUPPORT

            SB 167 Housing Accountability     SUPPORT

Industrial Safety and Health

             SB 772 Cal/OHSA regulations      OPPOSE

            AB 978 Access to Employer's IIPP  OPPOSE


            AB 450 Immigration worksite enforcement  OPPOSE

International Trade

           North American Free Trade Agreement

Labor and Employment Law

            AB 168 Exposure to Litigation   OPPOSE

            AB 1008 Threshold for exempt employees    OPPOSE unless amended

            AB 1209 Gender Pay differentials  JOB KILLER

            AB 1565 Overtime Mandate    OPPOSE

             SB 63 Parental Leave    JOB KILLER

            SB 306 Retaliation actions   OPPOSE

Legal Reform

                 SB 33 Contracts for Goods & Services    JOB KILLER

Privacy and Technology

                AB 375 Internet Service    OPPOSE 


            AB 958 Product Ban    OPPOSE

            AB 1250 Government Contracts    OPPOSE

Regulatory Reform

             SB 258 State Only Labeling     OPPOSE

Transportation and Infrastructure

          SB 182 Streamlines Licensing    SUPPORT

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