Alabama Pulp & Paper Council

Alabama Pulp & Paper Council

Executive Director: Roy McAuley
401 Adams Avenue, Suite 710
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 386-3000
Fax: (334) 386-3001

The Alabama Pulp and Paper Council (APPCO) represents the pulp and paper industry in the state of Alabama. Each of the 13 pulp and paper mills in Alabama are corporate members. There are four additional supporting members--companies that procure wood or have other, limited pulp and paper-related interests in the state.

APPCO was formed in 1990 and came under Manufacture Alabama's umbrella in the beginning of 2010.APPCO gives the industry the ability to focus on specific problems and opportunities and the device to communicate its own unique point of view. Council members are also members of Manufacture Alabama. This affiliation provides additional support and expertise on issues affecting the industry.

APPCO serves as a liaison to government agencies and the state legislature and acts as an information source for the media and general public.

APPCO holds an annual meeting in the fall of each year.