Associated General Contractors
of New Hampshire

Associated General Contractors of New Hampshire


AGC of NH 2017 Top Legislative Issues

AGC supports House Bill 621, establishing a Road Usage Fee.  This bill would institute a registration fee to ensure all users of New Hampshire highways pay their fair share towards road maintenance. The fee would be based on a formula that incorporates a given vehicle's fuel efficiency, or miles per gallon. The House Ways & Means committee recommended the bill Ought to Pass by a vote of 20-1 but the legislation was tabled by the full House on February 15th. 

AGC opposes House Bill 486, statewide wetland buffer setbacks. Wetland buffers are already regulated at the local municipal level. Currently, if a project impacts a wetland, a state permit is needed, which is then enforced by the state.  The bill was retained in the committee for more discussion over the next year.

AGC opposes House Bill 442, prohibiting criminal records checks in the employee application process.  This legislation would have caused problems for the employers in the construction industry who are required by third-party customers to prohibit individuals with criminal records on sites.  This bill was killed in the committee by a close vote of 12-9. The full House agreed with the committee on March 9th.

** These are some of the most important issues for the AGC of NH this session. In addition to those listed above, the Association is following fifty more bills in both the Senate and House.