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NUCA's Government Affairs is dedicated to improving the businesses of utility and excavation contractors nationwide. To accomplish this, NUCA employes lobbying and advocacy techniques to measurably impact the legislative and regulatory environment to benefit our members, industry, and busiensses. 

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Top Issues

Water Infrastructure Funding

The longer the government waits to tackle deteriorating infrastructure, the more difficult and expensive the remedy will be. NUCA must fight for and convince the government of, not only the size of the problem and necessity of action, but also of the economic benefits and far reach of infrastructure investment. NUCA must work with current infrastructure funding programs to ensure the programs remain viable through appropriations. We must further work with our coalition partners and allies on Capitol Hill to develop long term sustainability.


The EPA's State Revolving Fund  Programs (SRFs), the Water Infrastructure Financing Innovation Act (WIFIA), and the Department of Agriculture's Rural Utility Services (RUS) are among the very few federal programs available for financing water infrastructure. Investing in water infrastructure has an almost 3-to-1 return on investment in terms of economic stimulation, and yet these programs are constant targets of budgetary cuts. Investing in water infrastructure creates jobs and builds the economy, which both generate greater revenue for government spending, not to mention the significant needs facing America's water, wastewater, and water treatment infrastructure. Congress should robustly appropriate funds to these programs.

Private Activity Bonds

Lifting the cap on Private Activity Bonds will infuse private capital into expensive water and wastewater projects. America needs hundreds of billions of dollars to fix, modernize, and upgrade our water infrastructure to safe and reliable level. Allowing for increased private investment takes the risk and the burdens off taxpayer dollars and could have the potential to provide greater funding opportunities than what the federal government could appropriate.

Workforce Development

The construction industry is facing a workforce shortage, and steps must be taken to ensure NUCA Members have the qualified workforce they need to construct America's Infrastructure. NUCA is taking two distinct but relatied positions on workforce development. First, technical and vocational training should be specifically tailored to in-demand jobs with the collaboration of employers. Second, younger people must be attracted to the industry by easing the barriers to training and highlighting the benefits of a career in the construction industry. 


Stifling growth and production should never be a result of regulation. We must ensure that those regulations that are necessary provide both safety and transparency while enabling growth and development. The often long process developing rules and regulations, coupled with the regularly confusing and ominous language of proposed rules and regulations, NUCA must bring attention to regulations that inhibit businesses, contractors, and federal contract bidding from being most effective and work with our industry partners and coalitions to protect our member’s interests.

NUCA, along with a contingent of industry colleagues, has drafted and sent comments to OSHA concerning it's new crystiline silica dust proposed rule. This new rule would significantly impact NUCA members by significantly changing the compliance measures on employers in regard to dust exposure to the workforce. NUCA's comments center around three themes: need, cost, and feasibility. You can read NUCA's comments HERE

Indirectly Related Priorities

We understand that doing business must take into account issues that are not, at face value, directly related to the construction and utility industry, but do effect the wellbeing and health of the business community. Issues such as healthcare, immigration, trade, and tax are constantly being monitored by the NUCA team. When appropriate, NUCA takes action to influence the legislation and direction of these reforms.

Our Activism

Washington Summit

The Washington Summit is NUCA's premier Advocacy event. Attendees converge on Washington, DC to hear from our industries preimenant experts in fields important and timely to NUCA members and partners. Attendees spend a full day meeting with Represenatives and Senators advocating for issues, legislation, and regulatory action that will make a meaningful difference to their business. 

NUCA's 2016 Washington Summit Priorities.

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