Partners Advisory Board

Partners Advisory Board
Chairman: Brett Clark
Vice President
Dunn Building Company
Birmingham, AL

Staff Liaison: Brooks McClendon

Manufacture Alabama is a partnership endeavor. Partners—vendors, suppliers, contractors and consultants—are key elements of competitive success for any manufacturing company. Reflecting that reality, Manufacture Alabama’s strategy to serve the competitive and legislative interests of manufacturers are also based on mutually beneficial partnerships. The Partners that serve our manufacturing members are important, and we welcome Partner Members in Manufacture Alabama.

Manufacture Alabama’s partner initiatives offer vendors, suppliers, contractors, consultants and other who support manufacturers a role in securing a successful future, as well as a means to identify and enhance new business opportunities through the Association’s membership network. The Partners Advisory Council gives Partner Members a specific voice in Manufacture Alabama’s strategies and programs, and an official liaison relationship with our Board of Directors.

Through the Partners Advisory Council and other programs and events specifically for supplier and vendor companies, Manufacture Alabama is strengthening the partnerships that bolster competitiveness in Alabama.

For more information on Manufacture Alabama’s Partner Program, and how you can become involved, contact Brooks McClendon at 334.386.3000.