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Two New Videos Released - Property Insurance Fraud and Broken Workers' Comp System in Florida, How it Affects You

We released two new videos today on subjects you may not think about much, but have a big impact on you and your family's lives.

The first video has to do with the workers' compensation system that is setup to serve you if you're injured on the job. Many believe Florida's workers' comp system is broken after the Florida Supreme Court repealed two reforms last year. These reforms were passed by state lawmakers and helped keep workers' comp rates low, while giving injured workers access to high quality medical care and getting people back to work as quickly as possible. As a result of the Florida Supreme Court's actions, rates have increased significantly (14.5%), with more increases on the horizon. Watch our latest video to learn more: Help Keep Florida's Workers' Comp Working

The second video provides the facts on a new type of property insurance fraud that is costing every homeowner money in the form of higher property insurance bills. it's called "Assignment of Benefits." Did you know you can sign away the rights to your insurance policy if there's damage to your home? Unfortunately, a few shady contrators are taking advantage of people in their time of need (when emergency repairs are needed to your home, such as water damage) and ask them to sign an "Assignment of Benefits" form. This form is actually a contract, which gives the shady contractor the ability to act on your behalf with your homeowners insurance company. So, before you sign away your rights, call your insurance company first! This type of fraud has caused property insurance rates to increase throughout Florida. Rates are expected to continue to go up until the Florida Legislature addresses this issue. Watch our latest video to learn more: Florida Property Insurance Fraud, Don't Sign Your Rights Away 



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