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Welcome to BIPAC's Action Fund Website!

BIPAC is dedicated to increasing the political effectiveness of America's business community through tools and services, an extensive network and political strategy. An important part of advancing the pro-prosperity agenda is ensuring there are pro-business candidates elected into office. BIPAC's Action Fund was created to protect and promote prosperity by electing and motivating champions of free enterprise. The Action Fund is the non-connected political action committee (PAC) for BIPAC which allows the business community to join together to participate in a meaningful way in the political process.

Active participation in the political process is the only way to make sure our voice is heard. BIPAC utilizes the Action Fund to defend the business interests of our members in Congress by electing pro-prosperity candidates who demonstrate a willingness to support issues that benefit the business community.

We, the business community as a whole, need to position ourselves in a way that fosters our future success - "off years" are crucial for cultivating relationships with our allies and striking up relationships with potential allies as well as building up a base of support for their election next year. The bottom line is that we need elected officials in office who understand our issues and who are willing to work with us to foster a positive business environment.

Please consider joining others in the business community as we strive to ensure there are officials in office who understand our business and have the knowledge to make educated decisions about the issues affecting us. Contribute to the Action Fund today!