Advocacy (BiPac)

Welcome to Nebraska Building Chapter's Legislative Action Center!

Political participation is the cornerstone of American democracy. Yet, in most elections not even half of all eligible Americans vote. This year again will bring landmark elections at the national, state and local level.

Elected officials, from your neighbor or colleague on the local school board all the way to the folks we elect and send to Washington DC, are making decisions that affect your company and the construction industry every day. You do have a say in who is making the decisions! All you have to do is get out and VOTE in the primary and general elections.

This website has the tools to help you stay informed on upcoming elections, issues and who are your representatives.

This website is not designed to tell you what to think or how to vote, but rather to encourage all construction professionals, like you, to exercise their civic duties by learning about issues and voting their conscience on Election Day.


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