On November 4, we completed another long and eventful election season. We’ll remain in contact with you to discuss and shape what all these historic results mean for our commercial construction industry’s public policy objectives at the upcoming 2015 Legislative Session, and beyond.

Congratulations to Governor Susana Martinez on her resounding re-election and to all of the successful candidates. We look forward to working with all our elected leaders, both new and returned, to elevate the economic and employment prospects across all of New Mexico.

And a very special thank you to each of our members who took their valuable time to vote and make our industry’s voice heard. We very much appreciate the successful passage of the state and county bond measures that will fuel public investments in our communities, fostering economic development and job opportunities. 

Please remain on the lookout regarding our upcoming legislative and government affairs activities, while we do our best to maximize your awareness and active participation in achieving your industry priorities. 

View the 2014 General Election results at the New Mexico Secretary of State's Website.

Our website has all the tools you need to not only learn more about legislators and candidates, upcoming elections and the issues that matter to AGC-NM, but also to take the next step by making your voice heard – whether by registering to vote or contacting your legislators about issues that affect you.

This website is not designed to tell you what to think or how to vote, but rather to encourage employees like you, regardless of political affiliation, to exercise their civic duties by learning about political issues and voting their conscience on Election Day 2014. We hope you will take advantage of these tools and resources to do so!