Our government makes many important decisions affecting our lives, including those about energy, such as increasing taxes on energy or limiting development of domestic supplies of oil and natural gas. We believe the wrong decisions can cost jobs, hurt our economy, and affect our national security. The right ones can help us build a stronger, more secure and more prosperous future.

Take the time to learn about energy issues and all issues before you vote. More information on energy issues is available on API's website at www.api.org.

See how your federal legislators voted on issues of importance to the oil and natural gas industry this Congress. Please contact Shana Philipps at philippss@api.org with additional questions or concerns.

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Jobs and the economy
Our nation's energy policies directly impact job creation and economic growth. Affordable, available energy helps businesses grow and create new jobs. In addition, energy-related industries support millions of jobs. LEARN MORE
Access to energy resources
The United States has abundant reserves of oil and natural gas that can help us meet our nation's future energy needs. The tragic accident and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico show that we must continue to improve the safety and environmental safeguards of energy exploration. LEARN MORE
Taxes on energy
The American people and energy companies jointly pay billions of dollars in state and federal taxes—through fuel excise taxes, corporate income taxes, and other charges. Yet some policy makers want even higher energy taxes. LEARN MORE
Energy security
To improve our nation's energy security—our ability to access dependable, affordable energy—we must pursue all sources of domestic energy, including renewable, nuclear, and oil and natural gas. Today, the U.S. relies on foreign nations for about 60% of our oil and natural gas. LEARN MORE