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Dear Partner,

/cintas/cintas_farmer.jpgIt was Thomas Jefferson who said "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government," and in today's political climate, the issues can certainly be confusing and overwhelming.

We've created CintasVotes.com to give you information on political candidates and important legislative topics that affect you, your family and your company.

The site doesn't attempt to tell you how to vote, rather it seeks to provide non-partisan information about candidates and key issues that are important to all of us. It also has information on how to register to vote, find your local polling place, secure absentee ballots, and presents information about legislation that may impact our company.

I salute your interest in seeking to be a more informed voter, and encourage you to be actively involved in our political process this year.

Your partner,
Scott Farmer
Chief Executive Officer

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