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Welcome to EDMC Action Center

The U.S. Department of Education has released regulations that would reduce student choice, expand the skills gap, and remove approximately 1 million students from campuses upon implementation.

The “gainful employment” regulations hold private-sector institutions, such as those operated by EDMC, to a different standard from public and private non-profit education institutions. The potential negative consequences of the proposed rule to students who choose to attend one of our institutions could be substantial.

At a time when our economy struggles to recover and the skills gap threatens the American workforce, the government should be increasing access to education, not restricting it.

If the government succeeds, this regulation may shut down programs and eliminate choice for low-income, minority, veteran and other underserved students who rely on federal student aid to help them to earn their degrees.

All students deserve a universally and fairly applied policy that protects their choice, enforces transparency and honesty to inform their decisions, reduces their debt, and creates more opportunity for them to pursue meaningful careers.

Our students have worked too hard in pursuit of their dreams and need our support.

Your help in communicating the impact of this regulation to lawmakers in Washington, D.C., is important. To share your views on the proposed Gainful Employment rule, please consider contacting the Department of Education, alerting your elected officials, and sharing this information with your friends and family.

Thank you.