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Presidential politics continue to drive the agenda in Washington.  Voters will now shift their attention to the conventions and the general election.  Regardless who you vote for on November 8th, this website serves as a tool to register to vote, learn about the issues and learn about the candidates.  

The 114th Congress has proven to be the most productive since 2008.  While most recognize that areas of gridlock continue to exist, there have been notable moments of bi-partisan agreement, including the Patriot Act, the Medicare Doc Fix, Free Trade Promotion, and re-authorization of No Child Left Behind (ESEA). Both the House and Senate have also made significant progress on the appropriations bills.  It is still expected, however, that an omnibus appropriation will be needed for final funding.

On the higher education front, both Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Congressman John Kline (R-MN) have indicated that the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) will not occur during this session.  It remains a top priority for both committees and will likely be addressed at the onset of the 115th Congress.  Progress to date includes the establishment of four working groups focusing on accountability, accreditation, college affordability and financial aid, and campus sexual violence. Both the Senate Health Education Labor and Pension Committee and the House Education and the Workforce Committee have held hearings addressing these key elements.

Education Management Corporation’s Government Relations website has all the tools you need to not only learn more about your legislators and the issues that matter to EDMC and its academic institutions and students, but also to take the next step by making your voice heard and contacting your legislators about issues of importance. You can even brush up on your Government 101 and read breaking political news.

This website is designed to provide employees, like you, with the resources needed to exercise your civic duties by learning about the issues and getting involved. We hope you’ll look to this site as a resource, and share it with your family and friends. As the 2016 election moves forward, our website will feature biographies of the candidates and voter registration information.

By coming together, we can work more effectively toward a more prosperous tomorrow for our students, our employees, our company and our country including the communities in which we live and work.