Weekly News:

Dear Industry Colleague:

2014 is an election year. This means even more focused efforts to keep on top of issues affecting warehousing and 3PL organizations.

We will remain active at the state level by continuing to fight state taxes on warehouse services. We will protect and defend our industry from use and service taxes at the state and local level.

In Washington, D.C., we will continue to draw attention to the efforts of the National Labor Relations Board and its efforts to thwart job creation. We will work with Congress and federal agencies to promote enhanced security of the supply chain, including international trade, pharmaceuticals, food products, chemicals and dangerous goods.

We will continue to stress that the 3PL warehouse industry is one of the few growth areas in today’s economy.  We are important job creators, producing new, quality, blue-collar jobs within the logistics industry even in this slow economic climate.

Our objective is to ensure that elected officials and regulators understand and recognize the role of the 3PL warehouse whether in legislation or regulation.

Some may ask — does it matter? It matters because no legislative or regulatory solution will work if it doesn't hold the right people accountable for the right actions or inactions. These solutions also won't work if they weigh down the supply chain with unrealistic demands and requirements on the wrong party. The supply chain is an intricate web that has developed in response to the demands of a fast-moving, highly competitive global economy. 3PLs are the architects and drivers of this network, empowering U.S. companies to create and sustain nimble, visible and competitive supply chains.

Why does it matter? Because when Congress thinks about job creation, they cannot do so without considering the 3PL warehouse industry. In these hard economic times, the role of the 3PL has never been more important. 3PLs are critical to the continued competitiveness of its customers who must remain lean to survive and thrive in tough markets.

So, yes, it does matter that Congress and the federal agencies recognize the role of a 3PL. It matters that legislation is crafted with the 3PL in mind, to support this critical role in our economy and to allow the industry to thrive.The bottom line, however, is that IWLA alone cannot make it happen. We need your participation! You are critical to the success of our advocacy efforts. You are the eyes and ears on the ground to potential new legislation affecting our industry and you bring the knowledge of how a bill or regulation directly impacts your ability to operate an efficient and profitable business.

Working together, we can protect and advance our interests in Washington, D.C. and in the state capitals.

Please take a moment to read through our governmental priorities and know that the IWLA stands ready to defend your interests. Please contact us with any issues you face.

If you would like to get involved with or take an active role on the Governmental Affairs Committee, please contact me at mchristie@cmactrans.com or Pat O'Connor, our Washington, D.C. representative, at patoconnor@kentoconnor.com.

Thank you,

Michael Christie
IWLA Government Affairs Committee


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