Welcome to NWFPA's Political Action Committee

Elected officials make decisions every day that affect your business. Due to the increasingly expansive reach of state government that impacts your day-to-day operations, it is critical to be engaged in political action. As a fellow leader in the food processing industry, I know that we can and should be playing a more active role in the political process to achieve more favorable legislative and regulatory outcomes.

The Oregon and Washington Food Political Action Committees were organized by the Northwest Food Processors Association to advocate for the industry through the electoral process. The PACs provide broad industry support to business-minded elected officials and candidates through a coordinated and strategic long-term plan. Unfortunately, the PACs have been underfunded for far too long. What have the PACs and NWFPA government affairs done for you lately?

  • Renewed the OR property tax exemption for new food processing equipment until 2020
  • Extended the WA B&O tax exemption on out-of-state sales until 2015
  • Successfully defended the industry against GMO labeling proposals
  • Defeated food packaging/chemical bills that would regulate or ban the use of certain materials
  • Negotiated more reasonable approaches to environmental and water quality standards
  • Partnered with state regulators to promote robust and sensible food safety programs
  • Successfully kept WA/OR building code officials from setting food processing efficiency standards
  • Worked to maintain a stable and predictable tax environment amidst difficult political circumstances

There is much more work to be done in the years ahead. Consider your annual contribution a political insurance premium. You are making the most affordable investment possible to ensure the election of candidates who will vote the way you would, and you’ll be protecting your interests and profession.

Please send your most generous contribution today of $1000, $2500, $5000 or more to support NWFPA’s political activities. Every NWFPA member should participate to help the PACs function properly and raise our industry’s profile with elected officials. The PACs are here to serve as one united voice for the industry, so it is critical that we all provide financial support in order for our collective voice to be heard at the state capitol.

I look forward to your continued support of this very important effort.


Kurt McKnight

President, Ever Fresh Fruit Company
PAC Chair




Legislative decisions impact your company’s bottom line.

A business-friendly legislature matters to the health and well-being of the food processing industry. Tax and fiscal policies, energy, environment, general business issues and adverse regulatory decisions by the Legislature impact the viability of food processors daily. Results in the Legislature are better for the industry when there is a balance of power (or shared power) in Olympia and Salem, rather than one party controlling both houses of the Legislature and the Governor’s office.

It matters who is in office taking those key votes.

Contributions to Oregon FOOD PAC and Washington FOOD PAC will support a business-friendly legislature. PAC contributions are directed to Legislators who:

• understand the business challenges of the food processing industry, • are accessible to our members and staff, and • are influential in the legislative process

NWFPA is your policy advocate, but FOOD PAC is your political voice on election day.