Top Issues

The past year saw a lot of new regulations for the oil and gas industry in North Dakota. Things are changing in the Bakken, and we’re seeing competition from shale plays across the country. While industry favorability remains high within the state, federal policies will not likely improve, and we need to ensure the state maintains its business friendly climate. Legislators need to vigilant in seeking out facts, science and the big picture when evaluating legislation that would impose new and potentially costly regulations on the oil and gas industry.

Important issues during the 2013 North Dakota Legislative Session will include negotiation of a tribal tax agreement,  the stripper well exemption and overall industry tax structure, and a wildcat tax incentive. The NDPC has been and will continue working with farmers and landowners on easement issues and sportsmen on wildlife and conservation issues like the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund.

This page will serve as your home base for all of the NDPC's legislative activities and top issues throughout the session. We welcome and encourage your participation throughout this increasingly important legislative session. If you are interested in sitting on the NDPC Legislative Committee, please email Alexis.